Lawson Place
Cincinnati, Ohio

Lawson Place
Lawson Place
Jim Lawson
Jim Lawson: Proprietor, Audio Engineering, Guitar


Donna Rose Moxness Lawson
Donna Rose (Moxness) Lawson: Vocals, Web, Video
Rick Triplett
Rick Triplett: Piano
Matt Lawson, bass
Matt Lawson: Bass, Camera
Gus Thierry: Drums
Gus Thierry: Drums
Erin Lawson, Viola
Erin Lawson: Viola, Camera
Mike Barrett, Bass
Mike Barrett: Bass
Larry Bloomfiled, Harmonica
Larry Bloomfiled: Harmonica
Duke Lawson, Hound Dog
Duke: Hound Dog
Tina The 3-Legged Yorkie
Tina: 3-Legged Yorkie

A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

By Lawson Place: Quarantine Edition

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Lawson Place: Quarantine Edition

Piano: Rick Triplett
Vocal: Donna Lawson
Guitar: Jim Lawson
Viola: Erin Lawson
Bass: Matt Lawson
Drums: Gus Thierry
Audio Engineer: Jim Lawson
Video Editor: Donna Lawson

Nightingale Liner Notes

We had started a recording project with The Moxie Band in February of 2020. Didn’t get very far before the pandemic happened. We put that project on hold and thought we would experiment with remote recording. Read More >>

Keep Cool

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The Moxie Band

Guitar: Jim Lawson
Vocal: Donna Rose (Moxness) Lawson
Harmonica: Larry Bloomfield
Bass: Mike Barrett
Drums: Gus Thierry
Audio Engineer: Jim Lawson
Video Editor: Donna Rose (Moxness) Lawson

Keep Cool Liner Notes

Proprietor/Guitarist/Audio Engineer Jim Lawson was diagnosed with a rare brain condition in 2018 and survived several life-threatening health events, including a major stroke. A mere 2 years later…  Read More >>


Lawson Place is a former church that Jim Lawson bought and rehabbed, converting it into a music studio.

In 2018, Jim was faced with many serious health issues, including a brain bleed due to an arteriovenous malformation on one side of his brain. During diagnosis he suffered a major stroke on the other side of his brain, leaving him unable to walk or talk. While in the hospital he developed a near-fatal case of c.diff, and also status epilepticus, another often-fatal diagnosis. Lots of therapy, hard work, and luck, led to a miraculous recovery. Sadly, in 2022 he was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer, which he fought valiantly and without complaint until the end in February 2024.

We  completed only two projects and had just started a third when the pain took over. Here are the two we finished:

Of course it will not be the same without Jim’s massive musical and audio engineering talents, but we will do our best to continue the music at Lawson Place.